PlayStation One Classics I Would Like To See Remakes Of

PlayStation One titles have always been the heart of a true gamer. Fantastic titles, from Final Fantasy VII to Spyro the Dragon, and from Parasite Eve to Metal Gear Solid, they will always be considered as the backbone of every gamer today. If you’re someone that hasn’t played any of the games mentioned, then it’s time you did. Today I’ll be talking about games from the past that most certainly need a remake for the current generation consoles.

Final Fantasy VII

Let’s start off with none other than Final Fantasy VII. Yes, we know that it’s already going to be remade from scratch, but why not take a moment to talk about it. Final Fantasy VII has always been a demand of many fans of the series to be considered of getting a remake. Square Enix made their dreams come true at E3 2015 when they showed a trailer revealing its landing on the PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy VII had an interesting storyline, a refreshing Active Time Battle (ATB) combat system, strong music, and was the first game in the series to have featured fully 3D rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. All in all, we’re happy that this beauty is finally in the works for a current-gen release, and that we’re growing impatient because of the wait.

Spyro The Dragon

Spyro the Dragon was a game much loved by almost everyone who had ever played it. Spyro was a young purple dragon who, together with his dragonfly friend, Sparx, went on a journey to save his brethren and defeat the evil Gnasty Gnorc. The game was a huge hit because of its graphics and high replay value. The game went into development mode a year after Crash Bandicoot had released. Spyro, in its early stages, was meant to be green instead of purple, but the developers thought that it wouldn’t feel right if he blended with the grass. To this day, we still wait for news to arrive on a remake of our beloved dragon friend.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid was a huge success on the PlayStation One, which paved way for the creation of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on the PlayStation 2. The game showed none other than Solid Snake on a mission to infiltrate a nuclear weapons facility in order to neutralize a terrorist threat. The game was the first of its kind to offer Tactical Espionage Action. It would be disappointing if we never get to see Snake’s first mission being held out on current-gen consoles, as this game was the father of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. We would also like to thank to Hideo Kojima for his remarkable work on the series, one which will be engraved in our hearts for ages to follow.

Chrono Cross

The last game I’d love to see get a remake of would have to be Chrono Cross. Chrono Cross was developed and published by Square on November 15, 2000. The game is the successor to Chrono Trigger which was released in 1995. The game follows the story of Serge, a young teenage boy, able to traverse between parallel worlds, who wishes to uncover the truth about his death in an alternate reality. On his journey, he makes many friends, some which are optional, such as Kid, a flashy thief. The main antagonist of the game is Lynx, who is on Serge’s tail to apprehend him. The game followed turn-based combat but with a slightly different approach to its level-up system. The composer of the game was Yasunori Mitsuda who did a wonderful job on the music, making Chrono Cross come to life.

There are a lot more games than just these I would like to see get a remake, such as Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger, Soul Reaver, Crash Team Racing, Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, Gex, MediEvil, Pandemonium 2, Vagrant Story, and Xenogears, but these ones are definitely the most important from the bunch for me. If I have neglected a game that surely deserves a remake, then let me know in the comments section below.

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