Zippy Fingers Available For Download On Android

The first game I decided to make on Unity, for Android, is available for download. Zippy Fingers is a game that puts your fingers to the test by seeing how fast they really are. One may see it as an arcade game that offers a choice to kill time when one can, but it also improves your finger-eye coordination in the long run.

The game is far from being a masterpiece in any way, but it should provide a decent amount of fun if you wish to play something that tests your limits. Zippy Fingers does not have any in-app purchases, nor does it cost anything. The game, however, contains ads but only when you are connected to the internet.

I will be releasing an update for Zippy Fingers by the end of this week which will improve the stability of the app. If you have downloaded the game, and played it, let me know below how you found it. Give me a short review if you can.

Zippy Fingers can be download here.

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