Zippy Fingers Update Version 1.1 Is Live Now

Zippy Fingers has just received a great new update, one which not only fixes a bug but also brings much-needed changes. Version 1.1 can be downloaded right now from the Google Play Store, if your Android devices have not auto-updated the game.

Below are the exact changes mentioned in the Google Play Store for Version 1.1.

List of changes in this update have been mentioned below:
– the old audio file has been replaced with a new one.
– particles will now be seen if a circle is successfully tapped on.
– a bug causing the music volume to not change has been squished.
– the “QUIT” button has now been replaced with a “CREDITS” button.
– the “CAUTION” screen has been switched with the company logo.
You can download Zippy Fingers here.

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