Lost Odyssey Stories Available Now On Android

Lost Odyssey was easily one of the best JRPG I played on the Xbox 360 a long time ago. Before that time, all I was a huge fan of was the Final Fantasy series. After playing this masterpiece, I could easily relate to a lot of things that were similar to Final Fantasy games. After a bit of research I found out that the man behind Lost Odyssey was in fact none other than Hironubu Sakaguchi, the father of the Final Fantasy series.

But enough about that – let me tell you what this app is about. Lost Odyssey Stories is a compilation of all the great stories that were told in the game through ‘A Thousand Years of Dreams’. These stories revolve around the main hero of the game ‘Kaim’, which tell about his past. And not to worry, even if you have never played the game, you can still enjoy the stories.

I decided to make this app since there was none to be found. Lost Odyssey Stories is only for Android devices, which does not require any internet connection whatsoever. And yes, I have also not put any ads on it just to help players not get bombarded with unnecessary and unwanted screens.

You can download my Lost Odyssey Stories app here. On the Google Play Store it goes by the name of ‘Stories from Lost Odyssey’.

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