Cinnabun Da Bunny Is Downloadable Now On Android

My second game, called Cinnabun Da Bunny, is now available on the Google Play Store for absolutely free. Yes, this is the second game I have created on Unity, the first one being Zippy Fingers. Cinnabun Da Bunny is a 3D game that not only is easy on the phone with its low graphical power requirements, but also on the eyes with its smooth colors.

Cinnabun Da Bunny is about tilting your phone left and right with your mobile device’s accelerometer so that Cinnabun can collect carrots and gold. Carrots are your score in the game, whereas gold is only used to unlock new colored skins for him. With the passing of time, the game gets harder by making Cinnabun move faster when the phone is tilted in either direction.

Although the game does have ads, they only appear when people are connected to the internet. Do not worry, none of them will pop up while you are tilting your phones.

Cinnabun Da Bunny can be downloaded here.

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